How to draw….

It’s something most of us either do or ‘did’ at one point in our lives.

How To Draw A ShoeWhen asked what or why we were drawing at one point, we may have been so focused and passionate about our hobby that we were “just drawing to draw!”

Like so many others, you want to learn how to draw, and why wouldn’t you?

The ability to ‘create’, or to ‘express’ one’s self is as old as the hills. Drawing in its simplest form is just that….a simple form of expression which can be traced back to cave dwellers who told their stories on walls using the ash from a nearby fire or equally crude instruments.

Drawing is one of the least expensive, yet most satisfying hobbies one can pursue.

Toddlers figure out how to draw at some basic level almost as soon as they can hold a crayon, chalk, or pencil to paper.

Of course, they are not ‘technically’ drawing….however, as an infant or a small child, we all seem to be enamored with the fact that a ‘magic’ stick could make those marks on a piece of paper, the wall, etc.

As kids grow, they learn how to draw in different ways, mostly through experimenting, sharing and observing. To many, the process becomes more than an exercise in expression, but a challenge in skill.

Shading The NoseOne day, most make the decision that they are either ‘good’ or ‘not good enough’ to continue in any meaningful manner…..usually while comparing their efforts with peers in school, etc.

Many put the drawing ‘bug’ passion to rest for years, through adulthood, only to reignite the desire to draw once life settles down a bit.

Others start to explore more complicated topics….they might quite naturally learn how to draw perspective for instance, how to bring their drawings to life in a way that allows them great satisfaction with their creations.

What ever YOUR story, we are happy to have you visiting or revisiting the world of drawing! If you are just starting out, let us guide you….start in our ‘Learn To Draw’ section for the basics to get up and running.

ProportionHow To Draw A SphereBeard Drawing

We’ve tried to cover many topics from beginner to the active hobbyist. In fact, on this site you can learn to draw by learning:

You name it, we’ll eventually draw it or show you how others have drawn it! It never hurts to get multiple samples and perspectives on drawing.

We also cover more general drawing techniques/topics, like:

Finally we’ll cover equipment you’ll need on your drawing journey like:

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